Volunteers are needed to help put on a fantastic championships. Some of the tasks volunteers will help support include:

  • Start area: Managing the equipment impound area and the start process. Setting up tables, popup tents, water jugs, or other equipment as needed. Verifying all transmitters are on (and audible) throughout the competition. Ensuring that competitors start on time, in the proper order. Recording starts and start times. Transferring any gear left at the start by competitors to the finish, or to download/HQ.
  • Finish area: Timing of competitors at the finish. Setting up tables, popup tents, finish line markings, water jugs, snacks, or other equipment as needed. Providing medical assistance. If download/HQ is not at the finish, directing competitors towards download/HQ.
  • Controls: Helping to set transmitters the morning of the event. Monitoring the competition area for rules violations or injured competitors. Picking up transmitters after the event.

Volunteers will receive T-shirts and a ticket to the awards banquet in exchange for their help.