The championships will take place in multiple venues in eastern Massachusetts near Boston.

More details on practice and competition venues are to be announced.

Embargoed Areas

Some competition areas may be embargoed.

Notes on Venue

  • Look here in the future for important details about each competition venue
  • These notes will include details on directions, parking, and other important information.

The closest major city to the competition sites is Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is the most populous city in New England, and the 21st largest city in the United States, with a population of about 700,000 in the city and 4.8 million in the larger metropolitan area. The capital city of Massachusetts was founded in 1630 by English colonists and was later the site of many important event in the American Revolution. Boston and the surrounding communities are home to many universities including the world-famous Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) among others. Today, the Boston area is a world leader in innovation and startup companies in the fields of engineering, biotechnology, information technology, and robotics.

Weather in June

The average high temperature for June 9-14 in Boston, Massachusetts is 75° F (24° C). The average low temperature for those days is 59° F (15° C). The record high temperature for those days is 98° F (37° C), and the record low is 42° F (6° C). In that time of June, rain or thunderstorms can happen on about one day out of every five, and the most common sky condition will be partly cloudy. All competitors should be prepared to compete in the rain if necessary.